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Apple and Me.

How it all started.

For years, I was using Windows PCs, Android and Windows Phone, I never understood why people liked Apple Products so much, especially with their ridiculously high price-tags, but that was only until I got to first experience the 2014 MacBook Air. After using Windows for years, macOS truly felt like a much better experience, and not only from the software point of view, but the design of the MacBook was stunning and nothing in its price range at that time came anywhere close to it. Ever since, I have gradually made the switch to Mac, and now iPhone and iPad.

After The Switch.

After transitioning to the Apple ecosystem, I have been immersing myself in the latest products by closely following Apple events and press releases. I've also been covering everything Apple on my YouTube channel. I've also been learning about how Apple devices work, and I've gone as far as to build my own iPhone to know how it works from the ground up. Learn more about how I did that by clicking here.

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