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Apple Videos

Tips & Tricks 

Tutorial for creative mobile device users who want to install fonts on their iOS/iPadOS Devices, explained within a minute.

Custom designed wallpapers with the Spring Loaded Event theme along with a self-made Augmented Reality concept of the AirTag which was later announced at the April Event.

Apple Event Coverage & Analysis

Instant, quality coverage of the 2021 World Wide Developers Conference. Covering every highlight of the event and talking about my accurate predictions. 

A video about me analysing Apple Product launches and the products themselves and explaining why I don’t think the iPhone will get Touch ID in the power button.

After a rise in concerns about the old Magic Keyboard not working with the new iPad Pro, I took a deep dive into all the information Apple provided and answered everyone’s questions in this video.

Instant coverage of the Spring Loaded Event. I summed up the entire hour-long event within six minutes.

A video in which I share my thoughts on what we can expect at WWDC21 and when will it be.

Reviews and Overviews

A review of Apple’s cheapest wireless headphones, the Beats Flex, unlike any other review on the platform. I share my experience after using them for a little over a month.

An overview of the MacBook Air with the new Apple Silicon Chip, the M1. Along with an unboxing of the 7 Core and 8 Core GPU variant of the MacBook Air.

A full in-depth review of Apple’s iPad Air 4, their slightly toned down version of the iPad Pro. I share my experience after using it for a little over a month.

An unboxing and overview of the cheapest iPhone that Apple currently offers, the iPhone SE from 2020.

DIY Projects

A video where I share my experience with making my own iPhone and how I did it. Learn More by clicking here.

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