Release Notes - (No)tch

Version 1.1 • February 2nd 2022

  • Bug fix for users on macOS 12.1 or newer. 


Version 1.0 (Release) • November 1st 2021

  • Added a visual menu

  • Fixes the notch hiding logic (Thanks to Ken from Computer Clan for helping)


Version 1.0 (BETA) • October 21st 2021

  • (No)tch allows you to hide the notch on macOS by turning the menu bar black


Known Issues:

- Has to be run every time you change the wallpaper (Permanent Issue)

- Disables dynamic wallpapers after running

- ONLY works on the new MacBooks with the notch

- If you are using a wallpaper from System Preferences which has both light and dark mode, sometimes, the wallpaper turns to light mode if you are using dark mode. (Fix on the way)