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Generate beautifully framed screenshots, instantly.

Please open via Safari
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Choose the frame you like.

From iPhones, Macs, iPads, to Apple's Displays and TV, it's all here. iFrames uses Apple's official frames for nearly all available frames. 

Device auto-detection.

iFrames automatically suggests the device or Apple Display you are using, at the top of the menu.

Auto-detection is supported on:

Any Apple Monitor

iMac 2015 or later
MacBook Pro 2016 or later

MacBook Air 2018 or later  
iPad Pro 2018 or later
iPad Air 4th Generation or later
iPad 7th Generation or later
iPhone 6 or later (Non-Plus models)


Quick and compact.

iFrames often takes less than 10 seconds to generate the framed screenshots.
The entire Shortcut takes up less than 2MB of storage space, and loads up frames from the web on demand, so there's no wasted storage space.

Image 2.png

Combine Screenshots.

Choose multiple screenshots and combine them the way you like.

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