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Create Memojis with the 24" iMac
and the new MacBook Pros.

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Backstory & About

MacMoji, formerly known as iMacMoji, started out as a fun concept tweet by Twitter user, @BasicAppleGuy.  One of my followers tagged me and asked me to make a Siri Shortcut to generate these memojis with the new 24" iMac, and so I did!
This is the first Siri Shortcut that I ever made publicly available, and I took this from just a concept to a shortcut with my own touch, and tons of features. And now, it supports not only the 24" iMac, but also every new Apple Silicon Mac launched since then.

MacMoji lets you create beautiful Memojis with the latest Apple Silicon Macs, and lets you use them as Memoji Stickers in the messages app on macOS, or anywhere else that you'd like to use them.

What's new in v2.0?

Untitled 49.png

iMacMoji is now MacMoji!

MacMoji expands to the new all new MacBook Pro and will continue to add more Macs with Apple Silicon as they are launched.

Untitled 48.png

Cloud based file hosting

MacMoji will no longer save any files locally, and instead, It will get images from imgur servers, only when you need them.

Untitled 86.png

iMessage Stickers?!

For the first time on Macs, you can use custom iMessage stickers using MacMoji. Use very own MacMoji right from the messages app.

Untitled 46.png

It's faster!

All these improvements mean that MacMoji no longer requires a first time set-up, and runs overall faster than before

Untitled 47.png

Refined UI

MacMoji also brings in a refreshing new UI which makes the experience pleasant, and gives you a glimpse of what you’re choosing.

Untitled 45.png

Customise Backgrounds

You can now mix & match Mac colors with other backgrounds, use transparent backgrounds, and custom backgrounds.

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