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Announcing Starlight Apps LLP, my Software Development Company.

I am incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of my Software Development Company, Starlight Apps LLP. It is something I have been diligently working on, intermittently, for the past year, and almost full-time since this April.

I am driven by a genuine passion for software development and the joy it brings me every single day. Through the launch of Starlight Apps LLP, I am thrilled to share my innovative ideas and the apps I've meticulously built, and finally put them on the app store. It's an exciting opportunity for people to experience my creations firsthand and gain access to these exceptional apps.

I'm also releasing two apps alongside the launch of the company, and I can't wait for you to check them out.

What happens to iTech Everything?

Nothing about iTech Everything changes, it's the same website and YouTube channel that you know and love. I'm thrilled that I'm expanding beyond my usual tech coverage, but I'm certainly not abandoning it. You can expect to see even more content on iTech Everything, new shortcuts coming later this week, and extensive WWDC coverage next week.

To learn more about Starlight Apps, and my first two apps, check out the announcements on



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