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Introducing Natural Calendar: Use Natural Language to Schedule your day.

Lately, I have been using Apple Calendar to schedule my day to get more work done and save time. However, setting up a calendar can be cumbersome, especially when scheduling multiple events, making it a repetitive and complicated task.

With the rise of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, I’ve been searching for meaningful ways to integrate these tools into the software I build. As I continued using Apple Calendar, aiming to save time but still ending up wasting it during the scheduling process, it hit me: This would be the perfect opportunity to integrate natural language processing into my scheduling workflow.

Introducing Natural Calendar.

Natural Calendar is a Siri Shortcut that takes voice input from the user in natural language, transcribes it into text, sends it to the ChatGPT app, and analyzes your input to turn it into calendar events. Simply describe how you want your schedule to look, and watch all your events populate your calendar in seconds. Natural Calendar is also aware of the time of day, so you can make relative references like “tonight,” “in 2 days,” or “in an hour,” and it will calculate the correct timings and schedule the events accordingly.

Natural Calendar in action on Vision Pro

It’s simple yet incredibly powerful, and it brings noticeable time savings to your workflow.

It’s powered by GPT 3.5 by default to provide fast and reliable output. The ChatGPT App is required to be installed on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple Vision for this Shortcut to work.

Additionally, along with this shortcut, I'm adding a small quality of life change to the iTech Everything Siri Shortcuts collection: you can now see which shortcuts support Apple Vision on the main page.

I believe that this Siri Shortcut will help save time in everyone’s planning workflow, and I can’t wait for you to try it out. It will be joining the iTech Everything Siri Shortcut Collection for free and will be available starting today. I’m excited to build meaningful machine learning powered software, and this will be the first of many more to come.



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