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Introducing (No)tch. Get rid of the notch, instantly.

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

On Monday, 18th October, Apple unleashed their new MacBook Pros powered by the M1 Max and M1 Pro chips, they added all the upgrades we ever wanted, but of course, they had to add something to make it controversial, and they did. The notch.

The way Apple implemented this notch was by extending the display by a few pixels, and inserting the menu bar inside the newly gained screen space, encompassing the notch. This screen space which includes the notch, is blacked out in full screen, unless the developer of the app you are using, chooses to utilise it (Devs, if you are reading this, don't do it). This is overall great, except for one thing: The menu bar is still colored, letting the notch be clearly visible when you're not in full screen, which is how I suppose most Mac users use their Mac. A lot of people find this annoying, but I've made something that fixes it all.

Introducing (No)tch.

Instant. Simple. Free.

With the help of the newly launched Siri Shortcuts app on macOS Monterey, I've made a Siri Shortcut, which instantly turns the Menu Bar on the new macs, black. This completely hides the notch when not in full screen, taking advantage of the deep blacks of the new MiniLED display.

You can install the shortcut, today, and try it out on your Macs once they arrive.

Please note: This Shortcut only works on the new 14" and 16" MacBook Pros which have the notch (Support for other Macs without the notch, may come soon, in case you like a black menu bar). You might want to check this website for updates, in case there are any necessary.

For more stuff like this, check out

Version 1.0

Known Issues:

- Has to be run every time you change the wallpaper (Permanent Issue)

- Disables dynamic wallpapers after running

- ONLY works on the new MacBooks with the notch

- If you are using a wallpaper from System Preferences which has both light and dark mode, sometimes, the wallpaper turns to light mode if you are using dark mode. (Fix on the way)



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