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Introducing PowerUtil for Vision Pro

PowerUtil has been an incredibly successful shortcut over the last three years, accumulating over 200,000 users. It’s my most used shortcut, and it’s loved by so many users. Thousands of iPhone and iPad users install PowerUtil every week and today, I’m excited to announce I’m adding another platform to the list of compatible platforms for PowerUtil.

Introducing PowerUtil for Vision Pro.

PowerUtil for Vision Pro will allow users to easily check their Vision Pro battery’s health and cycle count. As Vision Pro launches in more countries today, PowerUtil will provide insights into battery usage to Vision Pro owners that Apple has chosen not to provide on the visionOS platform by default.

You can install PowerUtil for Vision Pro, iPad or iPhone by clicking here. If you're new to PowerUtil, you'll also find a video tutorial to help you out with the set up process.

Update on PowerUtil for iPads and iPhone

Apple now officially displays the cycle count and battery health for iPad models released 2024 onwards, and cycle counts for iPhone models released 2023 onwards.

PowerUtil continues to be a great tool for people who own older iPad and iPhone models, and now Vision Pro; I’m remaining committed to ensuring it works properly.

I hope you continue enjoying PowerUtil and I’m excited to welcome new users for PowerUtil who will be interested in gaining access to battery health statistics for their Vision Pro.



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