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Introducing The Siri Shortcuts Collection, Refreshed UI, and more, with v1.5

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Today, I’m excited to announce that I’m brining some great new features to The iTech Everything website’s new version, v1.5. It all starts with significant refinements to the homepage, moving from a boxier design, to a more pleasant design with more rounded corners all around. On desktop, elements all over the website, interact smoothly with your cursor, with a wonderful hover animation that I’m sure you’ll love. On mobile, the website has a great Tab bar at the bottom, similar to other apps on your phone which will let you access the most important parts of the website with ease.

While I make one flagship project every year, I also make tons of other side-projects all the time, this is why you’ll now see a new “Other projects” section inside of the newly designed Tech Projects or My Work page. This section highlights other projects that I create all the time, the list will definitely keep on increasing. For now, you can see two of my recent 2021 projects there, and one of the two has a wonderful AR preview of the project, check it for yourself on your iOS device.

Finally, coming to the star of the show. I’ve been into Siri Shortcuts for almost a year now, and while I have published four shortcuts to the public till date, that number is insignificant in front of the hundreds of shortcuts that I have created to share with you. So today, I’m introducing the iTech Everything Siri Shortcuts Collection, a limited collection, with unlimited possibilities. I have picked 6 wonderful shortcuts to get started, and the list will only continue to expand, with more shortcuts coming later this month.

I’d like to introduce you to one of the shortcuts that is available in the Shortcuts Collection, and it’s the next generation of iMacMoji, the first Siri Shortcut that I made publicly available. With version 2.0 of iMacMoji, iMacMoji is now MacMoji, 7 months after it was initially launched, I’m adding tons of new features, like cloud based file hosting to improve run-time performance, and no on device file storage, with a wonderful new UI that I’m sure you’ll never get tired of, and as the new name suggests, MacMoji has expanded beyond iMacs and now supports the new MacBook Pros, and will continue to add the latest Apple Silicon based Macs as they come out. And, for the first time ever on macOS, MacMoji makes it possible for you to use your own MacMojis inside of the macOS Messages app, and I can’t wait for you to try this out! And all these updates come with fewer actions that the previous version of MacMoji. There are many more features, which you’ll only find out about once you use it, so head over to the Siri Shortcuts and get MacMoji for free, today.

Thank you so much for reading this, and check out the rest of the website for things that interest you, because I’m sure there’s something for everyone.



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