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Get text from Images, PDFs, Videos, etc.



Textify, formerly known as Live Text for Intel Macs, started out as a way for users to get Live Text-like functionality on their Intel Macs  during the early stages of macOS 12 Beta, before Live Text was officially added to Intel macs.
However, even after Apple added Live Text to Intel macs, this shortcut continues to assist Apple Silicon and Intel mac users to get text from places where Live Text doesn't work.


After running this shortcut, you can take a snippet of the text you want, and it will quickly be copied to your clipboard. This works in places like Twitter, videos, scanned documents, images in PDFs, and other places where Live Text doesn't work.

Get the most out of Textify

I recommend using Textify with a keyboard shortcut of your choice, or by adding it to your dock, or by pinning it into your menu bar. This way, it is easily accessible to you at all times, so that you can get the text you want at the right moment.

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