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See who's here, and who isn't.

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Made for Google Meet.

AttendCut works great with Google Meet on Safari, and also supports other browser-based video conferencing platforms.¹


Built for Safari.

AttendCut has been built with Safari in mind,
it works flawlessly when attending meetings through Safari on iPadOS, macOS
(and even iOS if you really want to.)


Add multiple meetings.

Do you attend multiple meetings with different sets of participants?
AttendCut Pro lets you save various participant lists as presets. 

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Provides a list of all the missing participants 


Supports macOS and iPadOS

AttendCut Pro

INR 99 or USD 2 (Subject to change)


Provides the absent count, present count, attendance percentage², and a list of all the missing participants. 


Supports macOS and iPadOS


Add more than one participant lists for respective meetings


No AttendCut watermark

Available sometime soon.

Pricing and Differences

¹ Please note that AttendCut works only when the participants list is shown on-screen, if your video conferencing app allows you to view the participants list, AttendCut most likely supports it. Please open the participants list before running the Shortcut, this applies to Meet, and other software.

²Absent count refers to the number of people who are supposed to join, but haven't yet. Present count refers to the people who have joined. Attendance Percentage is calculated by dividing the number of people who have joined multiplied by 100 by the total number of participants that are supposed to join.

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